Monday, April 12, 2010

Criminal Law

Although a lawyer by trade, practising only with the taxpayer as my client, I detest the multiplicity of laws. It is almost as bad as banking for restriction of liberty.

The criminal law has been over extended and as a result we have costly unproductive prisons with many persons damaged for life. Crimes are detestable. But not all infractions are criminal even though it suits the state to pretend that it is so. We can rule more easily, if we divide the population into good and bad. We can blame those we call bad for many social ills caused by bad government, usually over government.

So "we" pass laws as a result of incidents spun by the media. Restrictions abound for ordinary citizens.

Real acts of criminality are called business decisions and those who destroy hundreds and thousands of lives retire tio wealth unimaginable by their victims.

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