Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear **$$pat$$**,

Hi Pat. I just clicked on your user ID to see where you were from, as I have a lot of international interest, when I noticed that you suffer from chronic fatigue and depression. I've suffered the same for many years, having no energy, tiredness, dizziness and general lethargy, which makes you want to stay indoors and sleep, which in turn ostrecizes you from society, leads to depression (amongst all the other crap life has to offer). Over the past 4 or 5 weeks I've been taking Vitamin D3 at a doseage of 10'000 IU as well as organic hemp seeds and a multivitamin and mineral suppliment. I have REALLY noticed the change in both my physical and mental
wellbeing, so thought I would share this with you, as it may be beneficial to you. I've also been avoiding bad things like aspartame (sweetner),sodium fluoride (toxic is an understatement!), sodium nitrate (meat preservative) and Fructose-Glucose corn syrup (sweetner). Good luck in the auction and your recovery! Kindest regards, Aaron


Hi Aaron!
Thank you for your kind thoughts. Vitamin D is essential and I am in one of the sunniest countries, but still do not take enough sunshine. You are aware that there are several types of Vit D in pill form? Some are better than others, so try different types. Chatter says that some are deficient? I am now getting feelings again, that I have not had fro 10 years or so. Early days, but Australia has many sports and political figures who have recently come out, resigning, or taking time off but all talking about it. It helps. I have a very close pet. A cockatoo. He has been a boon.
I still get exhausted easily. For many years, when I was working, I was hypomanic. I was very effective at work, but could not shed the stress. I am now retired and in a new country. It is fabulous here, but I am imprisoned in a poisoned mind. Slow progress. Thanks again.
My most pleasurable pastime is to sit by the seaside and let strangers get to know my cockatoo. I still have my family, but I seem to have cut myself off to a degree? They do not want to help me much. Bad thoughts, eh?


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