Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gravity again

Some learn by reading and maybe I learn by writing? Having experienced the effect of having to lecture to non-experts about what I did, I found that I had to reassemble what I "knew" and thereby knew more than I had beforehand.

I put the gravity question to my guardian angel before sleeping on it and she provided an answer fairly quickly. Possibly a shallow one, along the lines of an Einstein thought experiment, but someday it might be established?

Take a body AND PUT IT ON ANOTHER BODY, SAY AN ASTRO/COSMONAUT onto a massive planet or moon.

What do we observe? If we find that the relationship we observe between the moon weight of a man and that of the earth weight holds, then the theory of universal pressure repelling bodies is still unproven. Hoever, if we observe that the weight appears to be far less than that we expect, the UP theory acquires vitality indeed!

UP does not mean infinite weight, in space, equally balanced on all sides. There is likely to be a limit to the force experienced and I suspect that it is not more than three times that of earth "gravity". It is obviously an accelerative force as "gravity" has been established to be. # was chosen arbitrarily, but anything more would begin to disrupt too many systems, mainly chemical.

I would be delighted to hear from anyone who can address this issue?

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Quantum_Flux said...

can you draw a free body diagram of how you think that gravity works?