Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pole shifting or reversing?

Interesting review of the Hapgood theory.

I prefer the possibility that the earth turns "turtle" and continues to revolve, with some torsional stresses, "upside down" so that the sun appears to rise where it used to set. This explains the magnetic pole reversal if the magnetic field of the earth is caused by the sun itself, exerting an electric field as it does, and any conducting object in that field becomes magnetic.

The Hapgood theory is not necessarily invalid and may be correct, but insufficient. Good read!

The recent spread on the web of catastrophism may be more based on the need to pacify a potential revolutionary population around the world. If you terrify someone, they can become paralysed by the stress and less likely to take rational action. It is known that a reduction of intelligence occurs in stressed subjects. The 2012 business is flawed and seems to be part of such an operation to cow readers?

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