Sunday, January 16, 2011

Economics the broken window theory

This is, like many of the nostrums of economics, false, a furfy in Australian terms, designed to mislead those in a position of power into validating activity that would correctly be described as vandalism.

The idea is that an economy can benefit from vandalism, as the repair of a window will make profits for various people ..... I hope that you, dear reader, see the problem? Replacing a useful product of labour does not actually increase wealth but does distract those affected. Beleive me. this is a valid economic theory!

In the hands of those who decide that Vietnamese heroin is a good idea and then put in place a war in VietNam, we can easily see the justification: the war effort employs, creates activity and enables a new trade: Heroin from the Golden Triangle! Those behind the slaves who execute these policies get richer than ever. A sterling example of the Eisenhower Military Industrial Complex?

The weather is becoming worse, as it should, based upon Solar cycles. The world economy will soon lose some of the steam it still possesses. It is therefore logical to suppose that someone may take advantage? Weather is a recognized form of warfare. There are many treaties designed to prevent the use of weather control in war. America used excessive rainfall, created by its aircraft, during the VietNam experiment. Supposedly, it will never recur!

The difficulty is detection of this weather control? There is much anecdotal accusation that the HAARP and advanced radar facilities around the world can alter the atmosphere, which in turn causes weather.

After the Bali bombing, it is clear that being an ally of the USA can cost a country dearly?

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