Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Economists or shills?

The Austrian school of economists is detested by the bankers because they say that fractional reserve banking, the lending of money that the bank does not have, is the cause of inflation, distorting investment, costing those who do not have access to loans wealth and ensuring inevitable boom and bust.

Steve Keen from Australia is proving the cause of the depressions that occur. Again, most economists depend on the FIRE economy which always expands in times of a bubble. By the time they realize what you are saying, these economists are trapped in a lucrative but deceptive career. They disguise the effects of banking and protect bankers from attack. Most small shareholders do not realize that very old money, based on banking, actually controls all banks, even though they have voting rights they never manage to control a bank! How many individuals control the world through banking which funds all major industry? About 10,000 all told! They are the ones who prevent papasts from threatening their nests, always in “anglo” countries. The Vatican also has banking interests….. The Holy Roman Empire was mainly German. The Roman Empire never actually died …..

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