Monday, July 25, 2011

9/11 and "the Jews"!

Having considered the matter carefully, it is clear that there is evidence of some Israeli involvement in this dreadful false flag incident. They knew it was going to happen, they laid a false trail with Mohommed Atta et al and they warned some in the buildings affected.

Attempts to wind them into the execution are false. Dov Zackheim is an individual who is Israeli- American. This is a purely American deceit and the Israeli connection is a fallback for blame. Paki involvement is minimal and money trails are all known via Echelon to the Americans.

The main crime of the Jews is that they stole the name of Israel. They should have kept it at Judea. They are also greedy and inbred. They have conspired to enslave by banking and to some degree they have succeeded. Not a really large crime as it was after all public knowledge? It alkso requires the borrowers to be stupid. They deserved it!

There are many lovely Khazars. They are Aryan, after all. But these games are not good for their future and they should come clean. They know too much and they will spill eventually.

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