Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mobile Earth

The confusion if any, results from the idea that we humans are the mobile ones and that our background, the earth in this instance, is immobile and immutable.

This gives rise to shock as we find that we are wrong, as in the ocean moves and kills thousands who were oblivious until seconds before their death.

The earth was wrecked, deafening all those who were not deep in caves or under water, safe from massive shockwaves in the air. The earth continues to react to that destruction and the Himalaya ascend. I shall expect a spokesman for the IPCC to declare that Everest is higher and moves a few inches a year. The fact that fish fossils, formed by the destruction, are all over the Himalaya is always dismissed with a confident: "millions of years ago".

Knowledge is power, so the powerful tell one another, and hide it from those who do not deserve to know.

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