Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why booms and busts are inevitable ....? part 2

Money is easy.

It is created at the stroke of a key board. But by whom? For it to be money, it must be accepted. When it isn' t, we call it hyperinflation as a way of explaining the failure of confidence. Naturally, disguise is all, this does not explain anything!

Politics therefore intrudes and we, voters, taxpayers, lobby experts, choose who gets what the government dishes out. And how much they get. Some of politicians and those who back them, get to steal some of what they are given in taxes etc, usually when it is spent. Wars are a great way of stealing as questioning is anti-patriotic and many jobs can eventually be made to depend upon such predation.

Banking is a more sophisticated way of stealing as it creates inflation in the money supply, enriching those who have access to loans. Those who enable banking by dropping interest rates, then get preferential access to loans! This is usually laundered by banks and use of offshore corporations. Eventually, banks and government decide what businesses survive as they can choke off cash flow and revenue. Only those who are friendly survive!

This is a kleptocracy!

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