Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mordechai, Rupert

There are many pretended bleeding hearts, who wail that a depression is terrible for the poor. Historically, the biggest losers are the middle classes, in the run upto the depression, if they do not realise what is coming. The poor merely lose what little dignity they have left and gain some sympathy from those who join them.

The biggest individual losers are the extremely rich, such as Murray Rothstein, aka Sumner Redstone and Abe Green or whatever his name is, of AIG. It seems that Rupert has also been cast out into the cold. Instead of closing ranks to protect this pillar of the British and american establishment, he has been excluded, with bank loans possibly being called in to come. All print media unless they peddle smut to the repressed, are loss making. His empire had the possibility of being profitable and of flourishing during the depression. Could it be the shifts in policy from FAUX NEWS that are causing this? He certainly interfered with politicians considering the consolidation of his hold on SKY? Attacking the process of vetting the consolidation has exposed him to humiliation. Those involved in the criminal eavesdropping on conversations were always doomed.


The USA is laying out the welcome mat for its citizen...... who has recently returned to England! If he cannot suppress the evidence there, next stop will be Australia or Israel!

I wonder who will gain and by how much from his rescue attempts? Will he have to destroy someone? Many? Is he seen as damaged and weak? What are the implications for Khazar power over the media generally? He is likely to be the strongest of them.

Is this the closing of the trap set by those who made sure that Chicago school disciples were prominent in the Bush administration?

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